Laconic Tradition...

Company Presentation

The Laconic Gardens SA were created by the need of a total Concept for BIOFRESH SA and of the farmers need for a modern Farming solution. The Laconic Gardens were established in 2010 and become operational the same year.

The Laconic Gardens are accredited by former Q Ways, currently absorbed by TUV Austria Hellas, for trading operations in regards to Organic Fresh Fruit, Organic NFC Orange Juice and Organic Orange Juice Concentrate. In addition Laconic Gardens can provide conventional Orange NFC Juice.

The Laconic Gardens are part of the Laconic Tradition and has members Common local farmers.

The Laconic Gardens have offices in Skala and Sparta in Laconia Prefect. The offices in Sparta are housed in "Esperides" cooperative offices. The Laconic Gardens with respect to the local tradition and practices rented the "Esperides" cooperative offices and they remake the space. "Esperides" cooperative is a part of the local history. They were founded the decade of 70’s by the late Dimitris Papadimitrakopoulos with 300 members. The last few years due to the economic crisis the cooperative was under worked.

The Laconic Gardens besides the respect for the local tradition promote technical advancement thus the local farmer will know every moment the location of the picking teams, when the picking will take place, where location wise, quality information regarding his crop ( yield, ratio etc) and all these data through our site.

Finally there is constant education for the local farmer so to know and decide what is the best and profitable for him.

Offices in Skala Laconic Prefect

Offices in Sparta Laconic Prefect




1. The News of Laconic Gardens (daily announcements for the local farmer)

  • The Laconic Gardens offices in Sparta are ready. We are expecting all of you in order to meet and satisfy your needs.

2. Detailed fruit Picking schedule

  • C1 Company collecting truck

  • C2 Company bin collecting truck

  • A1 Fruits agricultural specialist

  • BIN 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

3. Area map indicating daily picking areas-daily and weekly schedule

Προβολή μεγαλύτερου χάρτη

4. Exhibitions

SIAL 16-20 October 2016


Orange Festival 2016

 photo afisa_zpsupfbcuau.jpg

Mythical Peloponnese 2013

Opening of the renovation of the Amarousion Municipality 12/04/2014

Event for presentation of the new operations of the Laconic Gardens 12/07/2014


  1. Fresh orange fruit exports (Packing solutions)

    Box 5kg, 10kg, 15kg

    Plastic net wrap 2.5kg

  2. Fresh orange fruit for industrial usage - juices

    Packing solutions - Containers 4.5-5 tons

  3. Fresh vegetables and other Fresh Fruits 5kg, 10kg, 15kg

  4. Fresh fruit packaging for P/L 5kg, 10kg, 15kg

  5. All Qualities of Laconic Olive Oil

  6. Pellets and Bricks from the Biofresh byproducts Orange peel using advance machinery

    Pellets for animal feed

    Bricks for burning with Citrus scent

Within the farming community

  1. will acquire land space for the creation of its own Orange plantations

  2. create a nursery for supplying Orange Farms with new, better and more productive varieties

  3. create farming cooperatives in order to maximize output, lower cost and control fruit quality

  4. restructuring farming by introducing new varieties which are coping better with frost, with higher yield per fruit etc.

Social Responsibility to the farming Community

  1. supplying farmers with Organic fertilizers of zero cost from the by products from Biofresh plan and thus lower farming cost.

  2. we organize farmers to e-banking operations in order to be more efficient for loans, payments, receiving government funds etc.

  3. support and provide all year around the farmers with solutions and help especially for Organic Farming

  4. usage of advance Local Sorting Houses

Retail Activities

The laconic Gardens have acquired the market and handling operations of the BIOFRESH bottled Juice Sparti’s Juice in Greece. This operation is possible by cooperating with the best Bottlers and transport-distributors specialized on chilled food items in Greece.